Travel Tips for Female Solo Trekkers

Travel Tips for Female Solo Trekkers

Trekking in the Himalayas at a height of thousands of feet is not easy for anyone. Yes, of course, for women the safety issue arises when you talk about traveling or trekking alone in the mountains. but I think it is always safe and smart to be properly equipped or be prepared by having a positive mental attitude and hoping the best and expecting worst at times.

Mountains are the best classrooms to give you the experience of trekking and allows to get closer to nature. But apart from the good side, they also have other things to give like the thrill moments, adventure and unpredictable problems. A trip to the mountains always needs planning and proper guidance.

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We are here to help you with your solo trip adventure by giving you some necessary and easy tips :

  • Travel Light  And Properly Equipped

If you are planning to do trekking in the Himalayas, then it is best to carry simple and necessary things with you. To Travel heavy is not a good idea in any way. Prepare a list of necessary items pack your backpack with less weight. If you are planning to trek in winters then carry thermal wear, track pants, and a bomber jacket. In summers, 2 pair of track pants and 3-4 tee shirts will be enough. Sunscreen, cap, other daily use things are important to pack. Hiking shoes or sports are best for both summers and winters. Trekking shoes gives a strong grip while walking in the mountains.

  • Always Carry enough Cash

As you are planning to trek in the mountains there will be no possibility to use an ATM Card.

Always carry good amount of cash with you while trekking. The small shops or cafes you will encounter during the trek will only be payable in cash as if you buy something from them. There might be a chance to use your ATM card at hotels or guest houses. So,  it is best to withdraw cash from the airport or the nearest ATM to you.

  • Take A  route Map of the Trek from near village or town

Carry a map or having proper knowledge about the trek will be helpful. There will be no GPS or navigation signal up in the hills. It is advised to take a map of the trekking route or hire a porter – a local person who will carry your bag or guide you through your whole trip. But it will be an expensive deal. So, to do this trip in budget get the route map and try to understand the trails.

  • Travel Permit

It is very important to have trekking and travel permits. Since the Himalayas covers 4 borders of different countries. If you are traveling from a different country then you must have a visa, passport and other permits. Carry permits will result in smoother journeys to your trekking destination.

  • Important medicines

Mountain sickness is the most common issue hikers and trekkers can confront on Himalayan Adventures. Other health problems like dehydration and stomach pain can also arise. Keeping important medicines close to you is important while trekking. One should keep a small first aid kit with common tablets of fever, cold, vomit and relief sprays. It is very difficult to find a hospital or medical clinic in the mountains so, it good to be well prepared in advance.

  • Carry Extra Batteries

Carry torches, flashlights and extra batteries will always help you on trekking. On Himalayas, treks, electricity is a rare thing. If you trek in dense areas the risk of encountering wild animals rises. Always carry power banks and camera batteries with you on the adventure.

  •  Carry your Menstrual Hygiene Items

Always carry various sorts of mensuration hygiene items like tampons, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups with you. You will easily find them in different places which have medical shops or markets. But up in the hills, there is no possibility to find such things. And with them, you can also carry toilet papers as in forests or on treks, these kinds of items are not available.

  • Be Careful with Do’s And Don’t’s

The Great Himalayas is the place for adventure but also home to thousands of people. The Himalayas is also a  holy range of mountains consisting of so many temples, holy lakes, and peaks. The people living in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet have shaped their life according to different cultures and lifestyles. So, it is important to know about their culture and strictly follow all the things. Do not harm the intentions of people and culture of the place by doing anything wrong or inappropriate.

Read all the necessary instructions, rules & regulations of the place where you are planning to trek.

  • Inform your relatives and the Embassy

If you are traveling to a different country it would be a good idea to have a local SIM card and inform your family and friends about the trip. Informing the embassy will also be a good option for the safer side. As there will be no connectivity in the mountains. Or else you can carry a short diary of emergency contacts and wherever you get to network while trekking keeps them informed.

  • Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is another thing which everyone ignores but it is important not to avoid it. On adventure journeys like trekking, travel insurance is very important. If any injury or mishappening happens due to bad weather or health which requires expensive medical treatment. Thus, travel insurance will save enough of your money. Always plan a safe trip. We hope, we covered all the important and necessary points or tips that a female solo trekker should keep in mind and follow while planning a solo trek or trip. Choose a good tour operator and plan your trip in a systematic manner. Be safe and have fun, Plan properly and allow us to help you decide your trekking destination.


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