The Rising Trend of Drug – Parents need to be Aware – Infographic

The Rising Trend of Drug – Parents need to be Aware – Infographic

The use of drugs among the masses is nothing new. But the use of drugs among teens and kids is problematic. Teens and kids worldwide are using drugs in various forms. The situation has created problems for the parents as they have grown serious concerns about this trend in their children.

There are many reasons why the kids and teens start drugs at the early age of, for example, 10 or 12. Teens who don’t have parents are the first victims of drugs. Their peers and friends influence them in this regard. The teens get convinced for using various drugs. Apart from the lack of parental control over the children is another reason why more teens are taking drugs these days.

When it comes to what drugs the teens use, there are marijuana, cocaine, inhalants and meth. All these drugs are deadly and pose serious effects to the users. Teens take these drugs in various forms like inhalants, power and huffing as well. Whatever the method they use, the impacts are serious. Most of the people know what sort of effects the drugs have on the teens and kids.

Multiple studies have found out that use of drugs among teens and kids leads to poor brain development, mood swings, poor health, bad temperament, lack of presence when called, headache, weakness, and mental health issues and in some cases death. The teens who take drugs also become criminals. 

For parents, this should be a warning. For this reason, BlurSPY has created this awareness campaign in the form of the infographic. BlurSPY believes in better parenting and empowering parents to better handle their kids. BlurSPY is a parental control app and surveillance app which offers a wide range of useful features that allow parents to monitor their kids and take care of them. With the app, parents can also protect their teens from drug abuse.

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