Push Away the Discomfort from Halloween Contact lenses

Push Away the Discomfort from Halloween Contact lenses

Halloween is a good time of the year. You get to dress as wildly as possible and let your crazy side of the leash. On this day everyone is dressed up crazy with their spooky Halloween costumes.

While dressing up on Halloween is nothing out of the ordinary but for those trying to level up always use a pair of Halloween contact lenses. These lenses provide the user with a special effect look on their eyes and make their Halloween costume look better than the rest.

Yeah, Halloween contact lenses are amazing but sometimes you hear complaints of discomfort from users of Halloween contact lenses. There are many who are not completely comfortable with the use of Halloween contact lenses.

That could also because of those who are switching from regular contact lenses to Halloween contact lenses. Because of a color tint, they feel discomfort.

But there are certain fixes of the discomfort that refuses to go.

Fitting of the Halloween contact lenses

It is important to get a prescription of your Halloween contact lenses so that you can get the right fit for your eyes. If the fir is not right then the Halloween contacts will cause discomfort.

So have your doctor test your eyes and provide you with the measurements you need for your contact lenses.

Allergic to the material or solution

You are maybe allergic to a certain material in the contact lens or the solution you use to clean it. So that is why to have your eyes tested by the doctor so they can analyze your medical history and find if you are maybe allergic to something.

Proper Maintenance of your Halloween contact lenses

It is important to maintain your Halloween contact lenses if you have bought weekly disposable especially. Even if they are not weekly lenses, you need to wash your hands and put them in with clean hands. Any particle or debris that can stick on the lens can get in your eyes. That will cause discomfort.

Do not wear Halloween lenses for long hours

Wearing Halloween contact lenses for long hours is never healthy. They cover your eyes and hinder the provision of oxygen to the eye. Wearing them for too long will dry your eyes and it will cause discomfort.

Get a new Pair after the lens expires

Your Halloween contact lenses have expiry dates. Once they expire throw them away. Never use them for longer than their lifespan. If you need another pair then buy a new pair.


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