Importance Of Artificial Intelligence with 6 Reason that will Impact our Daily Life

Importance Of Artificial Intelligence with 6 Reason that will Impact our Daily Life

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating concept of science fiction but many researchers think that they are finally very close to making AI a reality.

In the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in machine learning by using neural networks which can easily mimic the processes of real neurons.

This is a type of deep learning that allows machines to process information for themselves and it also allows the machine to perform difficult functions such as facial recognition.

A huge amount of data is required which speed up the AI development process and in the future, we will see more integration of AI technology in our day to day life.

We can expect that one day AI significantly impact our day to day life. Here are 6 ways that AI will impact our day-to-day life and in the future, it might affect us.

1. Automated Transportation

We have already seen the beginnings of self-driving cars but the driver is required to have present at the wheel for safety.

The developments of AI is going on and the technology is not perfect yet. It will take time for public acceptance to bring automated cars into use.

In the year 2012, Google started testing a self-driving car and the United States Department of Transportation has launched a definition of different levels of automation.

Google’s car classified as the first level down from full automation and other transportation methods are closer to full automation such as buses and trains.

2. Cyborg Technology

Cyborg is a technology that will change humans life. One disadvantage of human being is their own bodies and brains. 

Shimon Whiteson is a researcher, he thinks that in the future, we will be able to augment themselves with computers and enhance many of our natural abilities.

Most of the times cyborg enhancements can be added for convenience and for the more practical purpose.

Sir Yoky Matsuka believes that AI will be very useful for people with amputated limbs because the brain will communicate with a robotic limb to give them more control.

This kind of cyborg technology will decrease the disadvantages of human beings that many people deal on a daily basis.

3. Taking over dangerous jobs

Robots are already taking over some of the most dangerous jobs such as bomb defusing. According to the BBC, Robots are not quite robots yet.

Robots are technically drones and they used as the man for defusing bombs but they required a human being to control them.

They will save thousands of lives by taking the most dangerous jobs in the world. As technology improves, we will see more AI integration which helps these machines function.

Other dangerous jobs are also reconsidered for robot integration such as Welding which is well known for producing toxic substances, intense heat and earsplitting noise and now these jobs can be outsourced to robots in most cases.

Robot Work explains that robotic welding cells are in use and it is safe. Their work helps to prevent human workers from fumes and other bodily harm.

4. Solving climate change

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will solve climate change like a tall order from a robot.

Sir Stuart Russell explains that machines have more access to data than human because the robot can easily store a mind-boggling number of statistics.

Artificial Intelligence will identify trends by using the huge amount of data and it uses that information to come up with solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

5. Robot as friends

Everybody wants a friend like C-3PO but most robots are still emotionless and it is very hard to picture a robot.

But one company in Japan has taken the big step and made the first robot which can understand and feel emotions.

In the year 2014, this robot was introduced with a name Pepper and in the year 2015, it went on sale with all 1,000 initial units selling out within a minute.

These robots were programmed to read human emotions and develop their own emotions and help human to stay happy. In the year 2016, Pepper goes on sale in the United State.

6. Improved elder care

Many senior people have to struggle in their day to day life and many of them have to hire outside help to manage their care or rely on family members.

Matthew Taylor said that Artificial Intelligence is at a stage where replacing this need is not too far. Matthew Taylor is a computer scientist at Washington State University.

More information about technology and AI is available in tech news English with proper example and definition. For senior people, one special robot is programmed which is known as Home Robots. Home robots will help senior people in their day to day life tasks.

The home robot allows senior people to stay independent and in their house for as long as possible which improves their health and they can well-being.

The exact future about AI is not known by anyone it is quite evident that interacting with AI will soon become our day-to-day life activity.

These interactions will help us and our society in regards to automated handling dangerous duties, solving climate change, transportation, cyborgs, friendships and improving the care of our elders.

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