A Complete Guide for Bangkok Pattaya Trip

A Complete Guide for Bangkok Pattaya Trip

The holidays to Bangkok Pattaya will take away all your stress and demands from day to day mundane life, and will give your body and mind a rejuvenating power to heal the wounds and get energetic to embrace the difficult situation and work smoothly.

Planning the next vacation in Thailand? Have the blast holidays with your family and friends with the complete guide for Bangkok Pattaya trip. In this article, you will get a brief idea about the twin cities, who can visit there, the best time to visit, things to do in Bangkok Pattaya, the best deal for Bangkok Pattaya and the best itinerary to follow so that you enjoy every corner of these sinful Cities.

Everything you need to know about Bangkok Pattaya Trip!

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which is a popular tourist destination across the globe. Pattaya is the twinning city nearby which complements perfectly the lively nature of this frolic and animated tourist destinations.

Distance between Bangkok and Pattaya.

The distance between Bangkok and Pattaya is 146 km which is covered in 2 hours.

How to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

You can easily hire a cab to cover the distance. You can also get the bus which is a much cheaper option to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Key Highlights of Bangkok Pattaya Trip:-

  • The unbelievable cultural, dance and naughty shows attract lots of travellers from all parts of the world.
  • Sandy exotic beaches with glittering notorious nightlife make it alluring to bachelors, solo travellers.
  • A perfect honeymoon destination for newlywed couples to shed away their hesitation in between them.
  • Being the most affordable trip from India many Families in small group or corporates large groups organise the holiday to enjoy water sports in this country.
  • Thai food is admired and appreciated by all age groups and attract lots of foodies to travel and relish this amazing cuisine.
  • The Museums and animated Underwater world are thoroughly enjoyed by kids.
  •  Many senior citizen travellers visit this land not only to explore the old colonial infrastructure monument, serene temples but also to enjoy the notorious nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya.
  • Thai boxing is popular among athletes and fitness freak and attracts lots of sporty people to enjoy the Thai boxing event held at every corner of the city.

Other  Attractions you will Witness during Bangkok Pattaya Trip:-

There is an endless number of places to visit in Bangkok and Pattaya that will keep you on the toe during your journey. The list of some popular destination In Bangkok Pattaya are as follows

Attractions in Bangkok:-

Grand Palace, Chatuchak Market, Lumpini Park, Snake Farm, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, Wat Pho Bangkok, Khao San Road, Chao Phraya River, Safari World, Marine Park

Attractions in Pattaya:-

 Pattaya floating market, The sanctuary of truth, Wat Phra Khao Yai, Art in Paradise, Jomtien beach, Tiffany Cabaret show, Ripleys believe it or not museums, Mimosa Pattaya, Underwater world, Alcazar show, Coral island.

What can be the  Best Itinerary for Bangkok Pattaya Trip?

The Bangkok Pattaya trip is to relax and enjoy hence follow the easy and comfortable itinerary to explore the maximum destination of both the cities.

The best and feasible itinerary for Bangkok Pattaya trip is for 5 days and 4 nights. In this itinerary guests leave for Pattaya as soon as he lands on Bangkok airport. He enjoys his stay in Pattaya for Day 2 and 3  and then leaves for Bangkok. He spends a night and 2 days in Bangkok and returns back on 5th day.


Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok  and immediately  depart for Pattaya

Day 2:  City tour Coral Island Tour, beaches, the sanctuary of truth, Wat Phra Khao Yai, Art in Paradise,

Day 3:  Enjoy the beach in Pattaya and depart for Bangkok after lunch. Enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok.

Day 4: Enjoy City tour in  Bangkok or have a free day.

Day 5: Depart back to your homeland.

Things to do on your Bangkok Pattaya Trip.

Indulge in Cabaret show, spa, exotic beaches, sensuous and seductive shows, amazing nightlife, cheap flea market, and many more exciting things to do in the entire Bangkok and Pattaya tour.   You can explore the cities by amazing Things you can do on the tour like enjoying the amazing cultural performances performed by excelling local and international artists during festivals. Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with the world-class spa and mediation and yoga programmes held at international levels. You can also enjoy the city tour with tuk-tuk rides or by hiring a bicycle for the entire day. You can also enrol for Thai cuisine cooking classes or can enjoy the irresistible cheap shopping from footpath market.

What are the best deals for Bangkok Pattaya Trip?

More than 1.5 million visitors visit Thailand every year. Exotic beaches, cabaret club,  spa, go-go bars and fleamarket are the major attraction that will endure more and more tourists flying down this year. Bangkok Pattaya cheapest and easiest vacation enjoyed by natives of India.

The tour is so immensely popular in India that all the major cities are easily connected through flights. You can start your tour from Mumbai,  Kolkata,  Kerala,  Delhi,  Bangalore,  Jaipur Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and many other cities.

The packages offered by tour operators are not only intrinsic but also affordable.

 Some of the popular packages for Bangkok Pattaya trip are as follows:

Bangkok Pattaya Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Bangkok Pattaya Tour Package 4 Nights/5 Days Rs. 25,000
Bangkok Pattaya Family Package 6 Nights/7 Days Rs. 30,000
Bangkok with Pattaya Tour Package 7 Nights/8 Days Rs. 35,000

Source: Roaming Routes

The trip is popular among friends, small group, large group, Solo travellers, senior citizens and are easily tailor-made by many tour operators.

We conclude in the end with our verdict that if you are planning a vacation in Thailand then prior information regarding the distance between Bangkok and Pattaya, the best time to visit, key highlights of both cities, How to travel, attractions, best itinerary and best deals will help you to enjoy your trip more.

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