8 Best Places to Visit in Russia

8 Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia, the world’s biggest country is full of fascinating surprises and royalty. It is a noncomparable place with varieties of historic architecture, food, and modern lifestyle. Russia has various picturesque nature’s gifted places. The modern capital city Moscow, which can beat any European or English city with its hospitality and architecture, Barnaul or Golden Rings which are the best places of the world to provide you amazing nature with mesmerizing weather or Kaliningrad whose streets are best to wander all day and night. If you are planning to experience something unique other than America just go for Russia and add these 8 must-to-visit places in your list.

1. Moscow

Moscow, the country’s capital is the most visited place in Russia and best to begin your trip energetically. Persian designed Tombs, huge amusement parks and its historic monuments will bind you with the city. Tourist usually starts their trip with sightseeing the architecture but the major magnet point here is the Kremlin, around the Red Square in the Moscow center. The posh cosmopolitan area of Red square is famous for its restaurants and food. Other major attraction includes Soviet arcade games museum, stunning Izmailovo Kremlin and Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.  You can get a great discount on hotel booking online using MakeMyTrip Coupons.

2. Anapa

Also known as Hawaii of Russia, Anapa, situated near the Black sea is famous for its beaches, water activity, and resorts. Tourist usually comes here to de-stress themselves from city crowd in calm weather and environment but, Anapa has some important visiting sites like Gorgippia Archeological Museum and Lighthouse. The Town theatre of Anapa is also famous for its musical performances. Apart from the beaches, sports activities like diving or jet ride and local sightseeing you can also go for the tour of Bolshoy Utrish Wildlife preserve and experience some only in Russia animals and plant species.

3. Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is renowned for its posh architectures, lifestyle and historic sites. Saint Petersburg has some of the world-renowned museums such as Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Russian Vodka Museum, Cruiser Aurora Museum and Faberge Museum which showcases decorative arts. But there is nothing like the Winter Palace, a royal European style palace consisting of museums with 2 million-plus artifacts and material from almost all the countries. Travel on the streets of Saint Petersburg while enjoying traditional dishes like Savoury Pancakes or Beef Stroganoff and end your day at the Peter and Paul Fortress.

4. Barnaul

Barnaul is situated near the Altay Mountains and thus becomes the favorite place for mountain explorers and trekkers. You can reach the mountain base in one and half hour ride by local transports. The whole city feels cozy and welcoming and has various sightseeing location such as the Museum of Military History, Atlai Art Museum and Siberian styled lodges and hotels. It will hardly take 2-3 days in exploring the whole city. Come here with family and create some unforgettable memories in Russia’s famous café and Izumrudny Park.

5. Golden Ring

Beautiful old towns, reflecting calm village life, Golden Ring is in the northeast side of Moscow and comprises of few small towns. The towns of the Golden Ring have a link with the ancient trading and traveling Russian history. This place seems to lie in nature’s lap as it is surrounded by greenly and trees with magnificent weather all the time. Various places like East Coast Beaches, Palm Springs and its famous clubs and bar are areas where tourist spend most of their time. You should also visit Golden Ring churches which are covered in sparkling white color and has beautiful huge curved tombs.

6. Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad once capital of Prussia, is a city full of German architecture, streets and stunning monuments. Kaliningrad can be reached easily even from Lithuania or Poland and as it is on the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad is a famous cruise stopover. The major picture point is Konigsberg Cathedral and museum of the world ocean. You can also go to Kaliningradskiy Zoopark to see Kaliningrad amazing flora and fauna. You should spend at least 1-2 days here and especially involve in the night market.

7. Murmansk

Located at the bay area of Barents Sea, Murmansk is a cute modern city with factories, historical churches, and wooden monasteries. Preferable to visit in winter, Murmansk is famous for Ice Bathers’ Hut, Giant Alyosha statue from World War I and especially Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin, one of the world’s first nuclear ship which is now become a museum. If you are coming during the summer, you should enjoy jet rides, Parasailing, and diving. Don’t miss the opportunity to try finger-licking cuisines of Leto and Terrasa.  You can apply for Travel Counsellors Jobs to know about this field.

8. Lake Baikal

The coziest way to end your Russian trip is to visit Lake Baikal. It is very popular as it is the oldest, largest as well as the deepest lake of earth. You can visit Lake Baikal in any season as it is the camping spot in summer and ski and skating point in winter. You first must-visit Listvyanka village where you can spend a few days with locals and then trek for the Lake Baikal. Spend your night in bright star sky with bonfire near the lake.


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