5 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Family Trips

5 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Family Trips

According to TravelInspires.org, family trips are the perfect opportunity for people to spend quality time with the people they love. Aside from that, these offer people the chance to create fond memories and learn more about the big world. However, for most young children, family road trips are simply a fun time with the people who matter the most to their lives.

That being said, there’s no denying that family trips are highly anticipated activities. But, to make sure that they genuinely will be what people expect them to be, meticulous planning is required. And one of the essential elements to planning for is the means of transportation.

Typically, for road trips, people opt to prep the family car. However, in previous years, more and more families are choosing to rent a vehicle for their road adventures. Why? It turns out that renting offers more advantages than using a family car. What are they? Five of the top motives for renting a car for a family trip are listed below.

1. Better vehicle

When you choose to rent a car for your trip, you automatically gain access to a diverse selection of vehicles. You can select a vehicle that’s not only more comfortable for everyone to ride in, but also designed for challenging road trips.

For example, you can rent a 4×4, such as a Chevrolet Trailblazer in Dubai. This vehicle can tackle difficult terrains. Additionally, it’s more spacious. The three-row model can accommodate a seven-member family. And, it packs on the speed with its 1.3-liter turbo engine. The body of the vehicle can come with attachments for additional storage for equipment, which is an advantage if your family road trip includes bicycling around towns, or kayaking in lakes.

The bottom line here is, you do not have to settle for the limitations of your family car, which can make the trip less worrisome.

2. Better vehicle condition

You do not have to spend extra on mechanical repairs and maintenance services for your car in preparation for the trip. 

Car rental companies make sure that their fleet for rent is always properly maintained. You can rest assured that if you rent a car, the vehicle you will be using will be in tip-top condition to take you to all the destinations for your family road trip.

Just the freedom from worrying about the car conking out on you is enough reason to opt for a vehicle for rent instead of bringing your own for the trip.

3. Better car features

Most cars for rent are better equipped, featuring the latest auto technology. Therefore, they are not just more fun to drive and ride, but they are safer as well.

If you own a compact economy family car, you will find that its built-in features do not compare to those in rental cars. There are cars for rent that come with different cameras, entertainment systems, stronger air conditioning, and better adjustable seats, and so much more.

4. Emergency roadside assistance

Car rental companies provide their clients with highly accessible roadside assistance. So, in the event of a breakdown or other problems with the vehicle, help is just a phone call away. In a short time, you will be given a replacement vehicle, and your family trip does not have to be derailed for long.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that this service is of no additional charge to you. The roadside assistance is typically included in the car rental service package.

5. Option to get a driver for the trip 

Car rental service packages can include a driver. This means that if you are not keen on long hours of driving, you do not need to take on this task. You can sit back, relax, and be more present for your family during the trip.

Also, if you get a service vehicle, you do not have to concern yourself about navigating around an unfamiliar destination. You can trust that the chauffeur has already studied the best route to take before the trip. There’s going to be virtually no chance of getting lost at all.

And, you can’t overlook the experience of the driver. Rental car drivers are road veterans. Not only do they know the roads to take, but they have better strategies for staying awake, too. You’ll be amazed by how physically prepared they are to drive long distances, even with challenging conditions.

There you have them — five of the primary reasons why you should consider renting a car for a family trip instead of driving your own. Indeed, as far as comfort and convenience go, this option outperforms bringing your family vehicle. 

And, in most cases, renting also proves to be the more cost-effective option, which may be what you want if you are all about sticking to a strict budget for your family trip.

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